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Thermal Flattening at Modern Heat Treating.

Thermal Heat Flattening and Ovality Correction are processes where parts are subjected to pressure during a stress relieving or temper operation for the purpose of improving the overall flatness and ovality of ring shaped parts. Parts can be flattened up to .250″ within a tolerance of .008″.

This is a process that we here at Modern Heat Treating perform often.

In the first photo you can see how the rings, when stacked, do not lay flat. You can see the gaps between them quite easily.

Rings Before Not Flat Nobg


Flattened Rings Nobg

The parts were then pressed down and processed at over 1000 degrees Fahrenheit for a couple hours and then air cooled.

Afterwards, the rings now lay flat and meet all of our customers precision specifications and reliability needs.

We will cover Ovality Correction in a future posting.