Modern Laboratories staff of qualified technicians are certified to perform the most critical visual, magnetic particle and liquid penetrant inspections to any code or specification. Modern Laboratories state-of-the-art NDT equipment can accommodate both large and small samples and our laboratory is fully compliant with an extensive array of industry codes and specifications.


Tests are commonly performed on:

  • Metallic Materials
  • Polymeric Materials
  • Ceramic Materials
  • Composite Materials
  • Construction Materials
  • Powdered Metals
  • Paints and Coatings
  • Corrosion Analysis
  • Machinery and Structures
  • Automotive and Heavy Equipment Aircraft
  • Mining Equipment
  • Oil Field Equipment and Pipeline
  • Consumer Products
Cracked Part Blacklight Inspection

Testing Capabilities

Modern Laboratories offers the following testing procedures to produce numerous industry-standard and specialized non-destructive testing and analyses for a diverse range of metals, alloys, ceramics, polymers and composites:

  • Magnetic Particle Examination
  • Liquid Penetrant Examination
  • Electrical Conductivity Analysis
  • Magnetic Analysis
  • Visual Inspection
  • On-Site Metrology
  • 3rd Party Inspection/Sorting

 Testing Equipment

  • Magnaflux MD3, 3000 amp, multi-directional unit
    • Capacity to 36″ long
    • Automatic wetting
  • Magnaflux H720, 6000 amp
    • Capacity to 15′ long
    • FWDC
  • Liquid penetrant examination
  • Portable magnetic particle inspection
  • Conductivity testing