Carburizing is a heat treating process in which iron or steel absorbs carbon liberated when the metal is heated in a carbon enriched atmosphere.  The process leads to a hardening of the metal which allows the product to be used in a wider variety of outputs due to the increased hardness.  Longer carburizing times and higher temperatures typically increase the depth of carbon diffusion.  The process often ends with the iron or steel being cooled rapidly by quenching the product in some type of liquid.  This quench finalizes the hardening process.

Typical case depth of .005-.080″ total.  We have capabilities of up to .250″ total.


Modern Heat Treating can also selectivly carburize parts to your specification.

Selective carburization is a process used to produce carbon enrichment and subsequent hardening on quenching, only in certain selected areas of a steel component. The may be necessary either because some machining is required after the treatment or simply becase the benefits of case hardening are only needed in a specific portion of the surface of the part.

Selective Carburization

Hot Load in Furnace