Rotary Shocks

Hydraulic Rotary Shock Absorbers consist of a cylindrical oil-filled body that’s attached to a chassis that has a lever action arm used to operate the shock.  Our shocks are built to withstand a great deal of pressure and we offer a lifetime guarantee on their quality.  The arms have several standard or common sizes available but we’re able to customize a solution for your needs if necessary.

Series 50/70 Rotary Type Shock Absorber

  • Capacity to 5,000 in lbs
  • Single or double action
  • Independent orifice specs
  • 60 Deg. operating range
  • 360 Deg. choice in operating arm location

Series 60 Adjustable Rotary Shock Absorber

  • Capacity to 5,000 in lbs
  • Single action in either direction or double action
  • 100 Deg. angular travel
  • 360 Deg. choice in arm position


Series 70 Painted 2