Our Company

Modern Industries is a second generation family owned business established in 1946 by a returning WWII veteran who was driven to build a company that would have a positive impact on all those involved with his endeavor. The underlying characteristics of Modern’s founder, Herb Sweny, were the foundation of his new venture and help define who we are today:

  • Tough, Fair and Honest business practices
  • Strong Work Ethic
  • Focus on Improvement
  • Adaptability
  • Do the Right Thing and Do the Thing Right

Modern Industries Company Profile

Our Machining & Assembly Division is a key component of Modern Industries, because so much of what we do begins with a part being machined. Here you will find a total complement of machining equipment and processes from state-of-the-art CNC machining centers to automated loading of dual spindle lathes.

The Machining & Assembly Division (MMD) at Modern Industries is located in Erie, Pennsylvania. We specialize in providing machining, manufacturing and assembly services for small or large volume lot sizes for a variety of markets. Modern has over 65 CNC machines and an equal amount of specialized support equipment.

One of Modern’s strengths is our ability to help your team design the product best suited for their markets, making the product more affordable and manufacturing friendly. Customers often use this ability to bring their products to market faster than the competition.

Our ability to be production-ready on short notice is made possible by tooling-up quickly utilizing our in-house tool room. Within a couple of weeks we are able to run production on new products. Whether the quantities are small or large, Modern has the capabilities of meeting our customers’ most demanding needs.

The Beginning – Modern Industries is a family owned business established in 1946 by the founder, Herb Sweny. He started Modern with two screw machines and an engine lathe. Today, the business continues under the ownership of four brothers, all who are active in the business today.

The Family – In 2001, the Sweny family restructured Modern’s leadership with two Co-Presidents, Dennis Sweny and Timothy Sweny, and Vice Presidents Dave Sweny and Matt Sweny. All four are college graduates and have worked at Modern for over 25 years.

The Employees – Modern has many key managers and loyal employees. The average years of service at Modern Industries for management is 14 years while the average years of service for all others is 9 years. It is the dedication, professionalism and talent of the employees that has made Modern the success that it is today.

The Facilities – Modern Industries has over 350,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space that spans all divisions. This includes 80,000 sq. ft. for machining, manufacturing and assembly.

Modern is very proud to keep a clean and organized facility. We believe that this commitment carries into the quality, productivity and work habits of the parts that we make. Modern annually hosts over 100 customer visits. These visitors resoundingly voice their approval of our facilities and physical capabilities. All customers and potential customers are welcomed and encouraged to visit Modern Industries.

The Processes – formal systems have long been established at Modern Industries. We continually monitor and measure the processes, efficiencies, quality, customer service and operating costs for all processes. Goals are established using cross-function teams that constantly measures, documents and adjusts as needed each day to be certain that our processes continue to exceed customer expectations. The tangible benefits of our continuous improvement methods manifest themselves with extremely high quality standards and delivery performance.

For a small company Modern Industries really gets around!

With brick and mortar presence in Erie, Pittsburgh, Meadville, and Kersey, Modern plays an active role in all of our communities in Western Pa.  Through our network of sales agents, distributors, and end-use customers, our network extends nationally and internationally to almost anyplace!

Modern’s locations are:

Corporate Office – Erie
613 West 11th Street
Erie, Pa 16501
(814) 455-8061

Machining – Erie
533 West 11th Street
Erie, Pa 16501
(814) 455-8061

Free-Col Laboratories
613 West 11th Street
Erie, Pa 16501
(814) 455-8061

Modern Heat Treat – Kersey
135 Greens Road
Kersey, Pa 15846
(814) 885-8514

Modern Laboratories – Pittsburgh
850 Poplar Street
Pittsburgh, Pa 15220
(412) 922-9226

Modern Laboratories – Dallas/Ft. Worth
1325 Ranchers Legacy Trail
Fort Worth, Tx 76126
Office: (844) 603-6105 (toll free)
Mobile: (215) 287-8112








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Our Company

Modern Industries is a second generation family owned business established in 1946 by a returning WWII veteran who was driven to build a company that would have a positive impact on all those involved with his endeavor. The underlying characteristics of Modern’s founder, Herb Sweny, were the foundation of his new venture and help define who we are today:

  • Tough, Fair and Honest business practices
  • Strong Work Ethic
  • Focus on Improvement
  • Adaptability
  • Do the Right Thing and Do the Thing Right
Modern building 613 corner

Modern has grown into a four division, vertically integrated provider of manufacturing and industrial support services.  Whether looking for turnkey finished products and assemblies or individual services; Modern offers nearly 70 years of engineering experience and technical know-how to a wide variety of commercial, mobile, industrial, aerospace markets.

What we do

Modern Industries Today

  • Over 200 Employees in Western Pennsylvania
  • Sales in more than a dozen countries around the world
  • Operations in Erie, Pittsburgh, Meadville and Kersey PA
  • Average length of employment is greater than 8 years
  • Quality Certifications to AS-9100D, IATF-16949, ISO-17025, ISO-9001, Nadcap

Mission and Vision Statement

Mission Statement

Modern Industries is a supplier of highly engineered products and services to a diversified customer base.  Our mission is to provide current and new customers with the highest quality products and/or services.  With 100% on-time delivery, at world competitive prices, we develop new products and services to meet the needs of the industrial market.  This will be profitably accomplished by the cooperative efforts and continued improvemenet of a trained and motivated work force, responsive suppliers, and shareholders committed to furnishing facilities and equipment that are state-of-the-art technology.

Partnership Focus

Mutual Support

At Modern Industries, we approach all situations from a “partnership” focus. We believe that approach is unquestionably the best position for dealing with virtually any situation to find the “win-win” for all partners involved. That is the way we want to be treated in our dealings with others and that is the way we pledge to deal with customers, prospects and all companies that are part of our supply chain.

Partners support each other…partners have a good knowledge of the needs and goals of other partner-companies…partners are always on the lookout for ways other partners can benefit.

If we identify a design enhancement that can result in equal or improved performance at a manufacturing costs savings, then as a “partner” we will communicate our findings. If there is a problem, how can we partner with you to find a solution?

Partnership Focus

It is our goal to operate as an invested partner with each of our customers in helping them meet their specific needs…and it all begins with a thorough evaluation of the part design and machining requirements by our Lead Project Team.

This team looks for ways to optimize the part design and improve its manufacturability…in fact this team has been responsible for saving customers part production costs.

Our Production Team then receives the project. This group will closely monitor the manufacturing process and also coordinate the integration of any secondary finishing requirements. Most importantly, this team is all about communicating with the customer, keeping them abreast of progress at all critical steps. Their “Customer first” focus enables these professionals to also operate as valuable Customer Advocates during the production process.

Our Post-Production group manages the hand-off to handle any special packaging and shipping requirements including JIT and other hold & release programs. This group also places an equally high priority on customer communication.

The primary goal of our customer/partnership focus is to produce the best part that will deliver the best performance for the best price…and we know that in hitting those goals we have put the Precision Machining & Assembly Division in the best position for earning a customer for life.

Corporate Responsibilities

Taking an Active Role

For decades, we at Modern Industries have learned that in order to be at our best, we need to commit to building positive, long-term relationships with our employees, customers, and communities.  Simply put, we’re committed.  Our success depends on who we surround ourselves with and we believe we’re in the right place, at the right time, with the right people.

To Our Customers

We want to build a partnership with every one of our customers that allows us to both enjoy mutual gain.  Our goal is to provide the highest quality, fastest delivery, and the friendliest transactions possible.

To Our Employees

We’re responsible for supporting not only our employees but also the 200+ families that they have as well.  Our commitment to them is to provide them with a competitive wage in a friendly and safe environment where they can have the opportunity to enjoy a successful livelihood.

To Our Suppliers

Simply put: Thank you.  We wouldn’t be able to offer our products and services without the wonderful relationships we have with our suppliers.  We hope to make your jobs easy and create a better product for our customers with your help.

To Our Local Communities

Modern Industries provides continual support to large community endeavors, local nonprofits, charitable events, and regional universities and schools.  We’re responsible for the well-being of the communities we base our company.

To Our Shareholders

We will always think for the future and do what’s best for the long-term gain of our company.  We’re approaching our 70th year in operation and we plan on having the next 70 be just as successful.