Bumper Shock Absorber is an oil-based shock that receives a force on one end and converts that kinetic energy into another form of energy, which is then dissipated.  Our shocks are built to withstand a great deal of pressure and we offer a lifetime guarantee on their quality.

Series 10 Dashpot Shock Absorber

  • Capacity to 1,500 in lbs
  • Single action
  • Spring return
  • Hardened plunger

Series 30 Bumper Shock

  • Capacity to 60,000 in lbs
  • Single action
  • Pre-engineered orifice
  • Spring return
  • High energy unit

Series 40 Adjustable Bumper

  • Capacity to 6,000 in lbs
  • Easy field adjustment
  • Hardened impact cap


Series 30 6