Heat Treating Division

Established in 1958, Modern’s Heat Treat Division is committed to providing services that meet or exceed the requirements as defined by our customer.  We take pride in our facilities, advanced process techniques, and state-of-the-art network systems.

We are the largest source for heat treating located in Northwest Pennsylvania.  Modern Industries is a NADCAP certified heat treating facility and we have two convenient locations to serve a larger territory of companies across the region.

Laboratory Testing Division

Modern Laboratories represents a network of labs that serve a diverse range of clients and markets.  Here you’ll find state-of-the-art technology, decades of experience across all major categories of testing and evaluation, and a professional staff of competent, degreed scientists ready to employ a sound analytical approach to your testing needs.

Areas of Specialization:

  • Chemical Analysis
  • Metallurgical Services
  • Materials Engineering Services
  • Environmental & Industrial Hygiene
  • NDT Testing
  • Cross Discipline Research
  • Non-metals Testing
  • Construction Material Services
  • Life Cycle Testing
  • Sorting and Third Party Inspection Services

Machining Division

Modern Industries has been in the machining business since 1946 and we don’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon.  We have over 65 CNC machines and support equipment that allow us to provide our customers with the high-quality products they need.  We are TS-16949 and AS-9100C certified so we’re able to handle jobs from a variety of diverse business partners.

How our customers benefit from our Machining Department:

  • Finished parts with reduced lead times
  • Reduce supplier management time
  • Reduce transport costs between supply base
  • Affordability through efficient manufacturing
  • Take your products to market faster than competition

Products Division

Modern Industries has two strong and incredibly deep product lines with our mPower Workholding products and our Industrial Hydraulic Shock Absorbers.

mPower is our exclusive line of innovative workholding solutions that power greater manufacturing productivity, improve set-up efficiencies and reduce operating costs. The mPower line includes the SpeedLoc precision mounting system, Modloc modular tooling columns, Spinloc indexers, and the SpinSelect multi-pocket selectable tool holder.

This unique product line offers you:

  • The power to make set-up and fixture changes in just seconds
  • Unequalled workholding flexibility
  • Optimized manufacturing throughput
  • Maximize your competitive edge by reducing operating costs

Our line of self-contained Industrial Hydraulic Shock Absorbers provide years of field-proven design reliability and consistent operation through the use of hydraulics. There are no external attachments or power sources required which helps control noise, vibration, impact, and motion.  These products have precision engineered designs and a longer machine life than other similar shock absorbers.