Testing Capabilities: Biology – Microbiology – Industrial Hygiene

Small, even microscopic, organisms can impact our lives in a gigantic way. Modern’s chemists and microbiologists provide services to evaluate foods/beverages, plants, dairy products, and drinking water, as well as the bio-systems that influence them, like soils, waste streams, air and water sources. Our Industrial Hygiene department offers monitoring and testing of individual and workplace environments for noise, air quality, and detrimental substances such as asbestos, lead and molds.

Feeding - BiologyTesting Equipment

  • ldexx Quanti-Tray System
  • QUEBEC Darkfield Colony Counter
  • Incubators and Water Baths
  • Stereo Zoom Scopes
  • Upright Microscopes
  • In-house Aquatic Breeding Equipment–(WETT) Toxicity Testing
  • Phosphatase and Other Dairy Tests

Testing Capabilities

  • Microbiological Analysis
    • E-Coli
    • Total/Fecal Coliform
    • Heterophic Plate Count
  • Bacteria ID(Iron, Sulfur,Sizing)
  • Mold
  • Benthic Studies
  • Asbestos/Fiber Analysis
  • Fresh Water Species ID (Dubia,Fleas)
  • WETT (Whole Effluent Toxicity Testing)

Test Kits, Samplers & Miscellaneous Equipment

  • Chlorine Kits
  • Current Meters
  • Combustible Gas Meters
  • Field and Personal Air Monitors
  • Field Wastewater Auto Samplers
  • Full array of baths, ovens, furnaces, probes
  • Noise Dosimeters
  • Numerous Analytical Balances