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Hydraulic Bumper Shocks from Modern Industries

Hydraulic Bumper Shocks from Modern Industries

Modern Industries manufacturers hydraulic bumper shocks with three different weight capacities that offer either seamless or optional mounting. These self-contained shock absorbers are used in environments that include transportation equipment such as trollies. They are also relied upon to help control the motion of industrial manufacturing equipment. Our range of hydraulic bumper shocks can handle capacities ranging from 1,500 pounds up to 60,000 pounds. As you read further, you can learn more about the design and common use cases for our bumper shocks. After doing so, we invite you to contact us to discuss the shock absorption needs of your equipment. When you buy bumper shocks from Modern Industries, you can take comfort in knowing our shock absorbers come with a One year quality guarantee.

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How Our Hydraulic Bumper Style Shock Absorbers Work

Bumper Shock Absorbers from Modern Industries are oil based and designed to convert high levels of force into kinetic energy that can then be safely dissipated via the oil (hydraulic) within. In a non-technical sense, what this means is that they take energy in one form and convert it into another. In a common use-case for our bumper shocks, customers will utilize these absorbers to reduce the shock and impact of heavy equipment and other objects in motion. Just like how automobile shock absorbers are designed to make bumps on the road less uncomfortable, our bumper style shock absorbers can reduce movement and impact on your equipment.

Whether you need to simply reduce vibration and noise in your manufacturing facility or are concerned about the wear caused by heavy impact on your machinery, our bumper shocks can solve the problem. Below we will provide a wide range of examples of where bumper shock absorbers can be used, but for now we wanted to begin outlining how they work. In short and in closing, bumper shocks from Modern Industries come in three different models, and all of them are easy to install and reliable in reducing wear, vibrations, and impact on your equipment.

Applications of Hydraulic Bumper Shock Absorbers

Due to their versatility and long lifespan, hydraulic bumper shock absorbers are effective in a variety of applications, including:

  • Automobile suspensions
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Heavy truck suspension systems
  • Aircraft landing gear
  • Structural engineering projects
  • Conveyor systems

Hydraulic shock absorbers are essential in providing safe and efficient operation for straight-line, free-falling, rotary, sliding, and rolling movements.

How to Choose a Hydraulic Bumper Shock from Modern Industries

When choosing a hydraulic bumper shock, it is essential to consider the type of load it will be stopping. Different loads include pure inertial, rotating, and free-falling loads, as well as those subject to extra propelling force.

To ensure safety, manufacturers recommend shock absorbers be typically sized between 50% and 60% of their capacity. This is to provide the best possible protection against impact since there is an inverse relationship between the level of impact a shock absorber can accommodate and its stroke length.

To determine a hydraulic shock absorber’s size and performance capabilities, you need to understand all static and dynamic requirements of your mechanical system. This includes details such as the maximum cycles per minute of the component, stroke and velocity of the intended application, and the required configuration of the shock absorbers.

Thankfully, once these data are gathered, we have three different models of bumper shocks to recommend and help you buy. These are our:

The Series 10 shock absorbers are ideal for environments where they will not need to handle impact weights above 1,500 pounds. Then, the Series 40 Adjustable Bumpers are our next level up, with the capacity to handle up to 6,000 pounds. Finally, for equipment and products that need to handle even more substantial weight, we have our Series 30 Bumper Shocks. These top-level shock absorbers are built to absorb up to 60,000 pounds of shock. 

Mounting Bumper Shocks

To install a shock absorber, bolt it onto a non-flexing surface. There needs to be an external stop in place so that the shock absorber piston does not bottom out and get damaged.

Bumper shocks can be mounted in the following ways:

  • Drilling a hole and using a mounting stop collar
  • Drilling and tapping a blind hole and securing the bumper shock with a jam nut or a mounting flange

Whichever way you choose to install it, the shock absorber must be well-secured, so it does not move around while driving.

Reliable Bumper Shock Absorbers from Modern Industries

If your machinery, transportation equipment, and more need reliable shock absorption, Modern Industries can help. With the extensive range of capacity our three bumper shocks can handle, we are confident one of these three solutions can serve your scenario. To place an order or discuss your use case in more depth, you can contact our team today and we will be ready and happy to help you buy the hydraulic shock absorbers your equipment needs.

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