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Assembly and Contract Manufacturing with Modern Industries

Modern Industries Precision Machining and Assembly Division has manufactured fabrications and assemblies for customers across a broad range of industries. Our turnkey capabilities and industry leading expertise in assembly and contract manufacturing, machining, fabrication, material testing, heat treating, and assembly provides our customers with the ability to instantly expand production output without the need to hire, purchase equipment, or invest in additional facilities. Our assembly and contract manufacturing services can be used for new product rollouts until sales numbers can accurately predict demand and transfer manufacturing in-house, or as a permanent and cost effective supplement to OEM manufacturing. Modern Industries has decades of experience in precision assembly and contract manufacturing.

Quality Certifications at Modern Industries

Since 1946, Modern Industries has worked diligently to keep up with evolving industry standards and practices, and that has resulted in extensive certifications, accreditations, and registrations. These quality certifications mean that Modern Industries has effective processes and the trained staff to continually deliver flawless products and services.  We maintain numerous quality systems certifications relating to assembly and contract manufacturing, including  ISO 9001 which is a globally recognized standard for quality management as well as both TS-16949 and AS-9100 certification. Additionally, we also maintain IATF 16949, AC-7004 and AC-7102. Our testing laboratory is accredited with Nadcap Materials Testing Certification, applying to numerous advanced testing capabilities like chemical analysis, mechanical testing, metallography and microindentation hardness. Furthermore, Modern Industries maintains GE S-400 Materials Testing, ISO/IEC 17025 Mechanical and Chemical, and certifications from the PA Department of Agriculture and Environmental Protection. 

Contracting Manufacturing Capabilities

Modern Industries offers numerous services to help improve your production and capabilities for various specific assembly and sub-assembly project requirements. Our provided services have continually grown and expanded through the last several decades to keep up with technology advancement, project requirements, and public demand. Modern Industries has an intimate comprehension of commercial value chains and the importance that these services and capabilities have to our customers. The below list of assembly and contract manufacturing capabilities includes but is not limited to: 

Manufacturing or Production Services:

  • Engineering services
  • Complete machining capabilities
  • Heat Treating
  • Extensive welding and bonding capabilities
  • Comprehensive secondary finishing
  • Fabrication & assembly of products with several components
  • Assembly of components that combine metal and plastics
  • Laser etching
  • Millipores cleaning and testing
  • Bar coding

Auxiliary Capabilities:

  • Comprehensive design assistance
  • Cost reduction programs
  • Production planning software
  • Stringent quality control & assurances
  • On-site warehousing
  • JIT & other “hold and release” shipping practices

By combining invaluable hands-on experience and our relentless pursuit of performance improvement, Modern Industries is uniquely suited to meet your strict quality standards for all of the mentioned assembly and sub-assembly manufacturing requirements. If these manufacturing services or auxiliary capabilities meet your needs, please visit our Request for Quote page to submit information or find detailed contact points for both phone or email inquiries. 

Why Work with Modern Industries

Modern Industries comprises four divisions, +225 employees, and features over 350,000 square feet of manufacturing, engineering, and administrative areas. The size of Modern Industries, combined with over seventy years of experience and continual technological advancement allows us to provide unmatched services and unique competitive advantages to numerous markets. These include diesel engines, air brakes, pneumatic controls, diesel turbochargers, automotive drive trains, power generation industries, municipalities, and many more. Modern Industries proudly provides our customers with industry leading assembly and contract manufacturing services, impeccable standards, and diverse technical laboratory services that lead to above average results and improvement for your assembly and contract manufacturing requirements.