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Modern Machining Expands

Modern Industries, Inc. Precision Machining and Assembly Division (MMD) has always been committed to customer satisfaction and the highest quality standards.  With changing times, we recently invested $800,000.00 in new equipment, enabling increased production capacity and quality. 

Two new CNC machines entail many technological advances, resulting in major leaps forward in production performance.  The CNC machines incorporate O-Loop automation systems for transportation of workpieces and self-loading pick up spindles, allowing for 2 hours of unattended run time.  This is an extraordinary improvement, as previous equipment involved two operators manually loading parts throughout each shift.  The short cycle time and efficiency of this equipment enables us to increase throughput by 40% for one customer, allowing them the ability to rely on us as their sole supplier for this part.  Newly added in-process gauging incorporates inspection in the machining process, probing critical features every 5th part.  Any offsets found are automatically applied to the parts next in line, allowing for superior quality control.  The one and done ability of these machines allows for all critical features to be machined in the same setup, resulting inhigher quality, less material handling, and an overall lower risk operation.

MMD is committed to working alongside our customers to increase our capability, flexibility, and employ new levels of automation.