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The SpinSelect Multi-Pocket Selectable Tool Holder

Our SpinSelect™ tool was created to increase productivity and consistency by decreasing downtime associated with tool and insert setups and changeovers. This product is a game-changer for the industry and we’re pleased to show you why.

SpinSelect’s patented, unique design allows for quick indexing between its five pockets with a simple ¼ turn of a socket head cap screw. Each pocket can house a different tool, allowing for quick changes between operations without having to requalify the tools. It excels at cutting harder materials, as the pockets are 30% stronger than traditional shank tools, allowing more rigid tools to be loaded.

Designed for use on most lathes having a turret or tool post, SpinSelect™ offers significantly better throughput on machining tasks such as heavy roughing, harder material removal, and short runs. Machining operators have seen up to an 85% savings on changeover/setup times as SpinSelect™ creates a nearly continuous runtime with offline insert changes/reloading.

Features and Benefits of SpinSelect Tool Holder:
• Increased tool capacity – Five different inserts on one turret location
• Reduce insert Index time by up to 85%
• Change inserts and stage off-line
• Reduced set-up time
• No need to re-qualify tools
• Reduced back and forth time to tool crib

To learn more about SpinSelect™ go to our workholding site