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LIMS update for Free-Col Labs

Modern Free-Col Labs is committed to improving our quality, delivery, client satisfaction, and scope of our Lab’s abilities.  This will be accomplished through new certifications, equipment, and an eminently precise Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS).

This new LIMS system will enable us to more effectively manage samples and their associated data.  All our Workflow operations will be encompassed under a single information system configured to our customers specific needs.

Once implemented, our LIMS system will provide our customers improved turnaround with order management transparency, paired with increased quality control and result management.  Implementing this new automated system will replace manual tasks including: invoice generation, reporting, quality control, and the tracking of samples.  The reduction in manual labor will allow
Modern Free-Col Labs to focus on the enhancement of our customer service and quality.

The acquisition of our new equipment will allow us to offer new methods of environmental analyses such as BOD, ammonia, and bacterial.  Along with these new environmental techniques, Modern Free-Col Labs will be a fully certified DEP facility for
water testing by 2020.  The DEP certifications cover multiple test methods for all regulated waters.