The examples of shock absorber mounting shown illustrate a typical application that can be used to aid in sizing the shock absorber unit to a system. It is recommended that the system should be designed at 60% of the units rated capacity. This allows the best adjustment control (mid range of adjustment).CAUTION: Exceeding the published maximum energy, angle of travel or using either end of the unit’s travel as a positive stop for the system VOIDS the warranty of the unit.

Powered Trolley Drawing
Powered Trolley Formula


E = Energy                                       Inch Pounds
W = Weight                                     Pounds
V = Contact Velocity                       Ft/Sec.
Note: Contact Engineering Department is contact velocity exceeds 30 ft./sec.
H = Total Vertical Distance           Inches
T = Deceleration Time                   Sec
D = Shock Absorber Stroke           Inches
G = Deceleration Force                  Pounds
F = Driving Force                           Pounds
T = Propelling Torque                    Inch Pounds
Ø= Deceleration Angle                  Radians

Note: 1 Radian = 57.3 Degrees