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Modern is your one-stop domestic supplier for precision machined parts and components.

Including heat treat and metallurgical testing.

We understand the critical importance of oil and gas in powering the world’s economies. As a leading player in the energy sector, we are committed to responsible exploration and production practices, ensuring sustainable energy solutions for the future.


Recent Parts and Component Production

Oil and Gas Components


Unlock the full potential of your oil and gas operations with our cutting-edge Valve Components, Expendable Parts, and Aftermarket Parts. As a trusted partner in the industry, we understand the critical role that reliable equipment plays in maximizing productivity and safety. Our extensive range of valve components ensures seamless flow control and regulation, allowing you to optimize performance and minimize downtime.

Oil & Gas Production

Optimize oil and gas production from Rig to Refinery with precision Flow Control Components. Enhance efficiency and safety throughout the process, ensuring seamless flow regulation for maximum productivity. Trust our cutting-edge solutions for a successful journey in the oil and gas industry.

Well and Pumps

Whether you require high flow or low flow solutions, Submersible Pumps are designed to deliver unmatched performance in any scenario. Our Couplings are designed to provide secure and efficient connections between various pipeline sections, ensuring seamless flow and minimal leakage. These couplers are engineered to withstand the demanding conditions of the oil and gas industry, promoting safety and longevity.

Oil and Gas Components

Our custom machined Flow Control Components are meticulously engineered to regulate and optimize the flow of oil and gas throughout your operations. From high-performance valves and flow meters to precision-engineered couplings and elbows, our extensive range of products ensures seamless and efficient fluid movement, enhancing productivity while adhering to strict safety standards. When it comes to Maintenance & Repair Components, we offer a comprehensive selection of top-quality parts and solutions. Our components are designed to extend the lifespan of your equipment, reduce downtime, and streamline maintenance processes. From durable flanges and gaskets to reliable seals and replacement parts, our inventory is carefully curated to keep your operations running smoothly and cost-effectively.

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