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August 1, 2019

Tennessee Tool & Engineering’s Machining & Automation Division supercharged with mPower Products

Tennessee Tool & Engineering, a provider of production machining and assembly has been making American industry better through machining, automation, and casting for nearly half a century. Since implementing our Mod Loc, modular tooling column in 2009 Tennessee Tool & Engineering has increased productivity while seeing this product pay for itself, many times over. TTE decreased setup times and increased productivity in a drastic fashion, due to the Mod Loc tooling column. Hear what Peter Raulin, Operation and Sales Manager has to say about the mPower line below.

“We implemented mPower’s Mod-loc fixturing here at TTE due to our setup times averaging 4-8 hours. We have one part specifically whose setup time totaled 72 hours. This included dialing in the fixtures, each nest (8) in total, and running it through our quality department. So, just for a talking point to display the value of the Mod Loc system we’ll focus on this part. Let’s assume you charge $100/hr on an HMC. This setup would cost you $7,200 per setup x 12 turns a year totaling $86,400. The savings we received from just this one implementation allowed us to pay for every machining center in the house to implement the Mod Loc system. Now, we have decreased our setup times to an average of (1) hour or less. It has been a game changer to say the least. From a quality perspective the .0004” repeatability is more than adequate. This has been the grand slam of a modular fixturing initiative, and we could not have accomplished it without the group at Modern Industries. If you are looking for low hanging fruit to supercharge your company, then call Dave & Tim Sweny at Modern Industries. Talk to the guys in engineering like Ron Bemis, I’ve not met a better group of guys to help you with a manufacturing revolution in your shop. Oh, and if you’re really slick you can use the same systems on your CMM’s to qualify parts, without having to take them off the fixtures. Just food for thought?”

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