Swiss Style CNC Machine in Action

Modern Industries installs new Swiss Tsugami B0326-II CNC Machine in December 2014.

Modern Industries has expanded machining capabilities and services offered to customers with purchase of our new Swiss Tsugami B0326-II CNC Machine.

The B0326-II will offer production flexibility, a reduction in material costs, and the ability to quickly changeover tooling in order to reduce machine time. A dual path Fanuc 32i-B CNC slashes cycle time by permitting simultaneous operation of the main and sub spindle.

Additional capabilities include:

  • Chucking or Guide Bushing Capability
  • 5-Axis
  • Synchronized Machining with Main and Sub Spindle
  • 12’ Bar Length Capacity

Double Disk Grinding at Modern Industries

Double Disc Grinding Technology

With this technology parts are passed between two counter rotating wheels one or more times. The process removes material from both sides of the part simultaneously, providing that are flat and parallel in one operation.

Interview with Dave Jacquel for EIT

Dave Jacquel, Modern’s head of HR, is interviewed by EIT.

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