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Southwest Labs

Modern Laboratories provides state-of-the-art technical assistance to firms requiring material testing services or complex multi factor research projects.

Mechanical and Metallurgical Testing

Mechanical Testing

Strength and failure testing of products and materials we use every day.

Our cars, homes, phones, appliances, hospitals, schools, factories and even farms rely on engineered materials.  The focus of Modern Laboratories physical and mechanical testing department is to provide detailed quantitative and qualitative data, so our customers can make informed decisions relating to:

  • Process Quality Control and Product Conformance
  • Materials selection and verification
  • Pre-Production Certification
  • Failures and process/product improvement activities

Testing Capabilities

Some of the equipment we use for mechanical testing.

Metallurgical Testing

Microscopy is an essential analytical technique used in almost every branch of science.

“Metallurgical” testing includes the use of microscopy techniques to determine important information for use in quality control, troubleshooting and problem solving, and product development. Experienced metallurgists and technicians employ a wide range of analytical instrumentation to offer these capabilities and more:

Testing Capabilities

Lab technician in metallurgical facility.

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