Thermal Flattening at Modern Heat Treating.

Thermal Heat Flattening and Ovality Correction are processes where parts are subjected to pressure during a stress relieving or temper operation for the purpose of improving the overall flatness and ovality of ring shaped parts. Parts can be flattened up to .250″ within a tolerance of .008″. This is a process that we here at…

Our new website is live!

Welcome to Modern Industries new website! As of October 21st, 2016 this is our new web site! Since this is a new site there may be a couple of bugs that we missed. We are working to fix those asap, so please don’t mind the dust as we remodel!

The SpinSelect Multi-Pocket Selectable Tool Holder

Our SpinSelect™ tool was created to increase productivity and consistency by decreasing downtime associated with tool and insert setups and changeovers. This product is a game-changer for the industry and we’re pleased to show you why. SpinSelect’s patented, unique design allows for quick indexing between its five pockets with a simple ¼ turn of a…